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ARIADNE is released!

With the publication dates of ARIADNE in the U.K. and U.S. imminent, here is a round-up of some of the events taking place - there are more to come, which I'll keep adding to the Events page as details get confirmed!

ARIADNE is published in the U.K. on Thursday 29th April and the U.S. on Tuesday 4th May. You can pre-order signed copies from Waterstones, Goldsboro Books and Bert's Books, or order anywhere that you like to buy your books - lots of links to buy in the U.K. and the U.S. here. It's already out in Australia and New Zealand since 30th March and it has been the most incredible thrill to see photos of it coming through from bookshops and readers!

First up, it was such a privilege to be invited onto the brilliant Let's Talk About Myths, Baby podcast hosted by Liv Albert - twice! You can hear our conversation about Phaedra as part of Liv's Women's History Month series here: Phaedra and the Curse of Theseus and a Conversation with Jennifer Saint and our conversation about Ariadne (the novel!) here: More than the Labyrinth, More than Theseus: Ariadne with Jennifer Saint.

Next, I'll be talking to Heather Adams at River Radio about ARIADNE next week. The interview will go out on Wednesday 28th April during the 11am show!

On Thursday 29th April, you can hear me talking to Mark Forrest on the 10:30am Scala Radio Book Club and hear the classical music that I listened to while writing the novel.

On Thursday 6th May, I'll be doing an online event with Buffalo Street Books, New York, from 5:30-6:30pm - I'll add links to my Events page and all my social media soon!

On Thursday 13th May, you can hear me on the Bert's Books Shelf Life podcast talking about the seven books which have changed my life - I am really looking forward to sharing these with you all!

Also on Thursday 13th May - a busy day! - you can see me with Elodie Harper, author of the INCREDIBLE novel THE WOLF DEN, in conversation with Zoe West for Blackwells. Tickets to this are here: Myths & Legends with Elodie Harper and Jennifer Saint.

I'll be staying up late for a very exciting event in the U.S. - as part of the Joshilyn Jackson Summer Reading Series, I'll be on a panel hosted by Nicki Salcedo along with amazing authors Claire Andrews (DAUGHTER OF SPARTA) and Genevieve Gornichec(THE WITCH'S HEART)! You can register here for Mythology Retold.

There are some other really exciting podcasts (including the Feminist Bookclub Podcast!), radio interviews and online events coming too which I'll update here, on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. I'll see you there!

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Gretchen Rose
Gretchen Rose

I devoured this book, please write more! I absolutely LOVED it and look forward to your telling of more myths! PLEASE keep writing!! 💓

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